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ZipZac® Mobility!

Seeing is believing!


Our Story

zachy-story-300xZchair LLC is a company dedicated to helping children with special needs to have the ability to experience greater freedom by providing the means to explore their world around them with mobility devices.

The original ZipZac® was created in 2010 for a 1-1/2 year boy named Zachary who has Spina Bifida. He has movement in his hips, but is unable to move his legs.  I felt the need to make something that would help Zachary be able to move around the house and experience everyday things like most other kids do.  With the help of a engineering friend, we came up with a design that was unique and gave Zachary a running shot at his world around him.  From the moment we put him in the chair, he quickly figured how to move the wheels and began his new adventures.  As you can see from the video on our home page, Zachary has more than taken off with the idea.

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